Happy Hour Friday // Loopy Doopy

Popsicles… and prosecco… together in a cocktail! I’ve been dying to stop by Loopy Doopy, the bar on the rooftop of the Conrad Hotel, that made these drinks famous. I finally got there last weekend and it was definitely worth it! 


The space is much smaller than I thought, but management does a great job of controlling the crowd and only letting a certain number of guests up at a time (so get there early!). The prosecco pop is delicious, refreshing and tastes like dessert. There are a variety of fruity flavored booze infused popsicles to pick from and they all go into a glass of prosecco that the bar has on tap. Such a fun way to spend a hot weekend in the city!

These cocktails would also be super easy to make at home for a summer party. All you need is your favorite flavor fruit popsicle and some prosecco or champagne. Put the popsicle in a glass, pour in the bubbly, and there you go! So easy, so delicious and looks so pretty.

Wearing my favorite Rachel Pally maxi I wrote about earlier in the week

Where: Loopy Doopy, rooftop of the Conrad Hotel, 102 North End Ave
When: To keep cool on a hot summer weekend with a group of your girlfriends
Why: Go for the boozy popsicle cocktail, stay for the gorgeous views of the Hudson

Wanderlust Wednesday // Northern Italy Part 2- Verona & Modena

To continue on with the recap of our trip to Northern Italy, we’re heading east and then south. After our time in Lake Como, we took the train back to Milan to pick up a rental car and drive east to Verona. Verona had never been on my list of must see places, but after a family friend spoke so highly of it, we added it to our itinerary, and I'm so happy we did. Next to Lake Como, Verona was my favorite stop. Sadly we only had two days there and I hope to go back and explore the city more one day.


Of course Verona is well known as the setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” but there is so much more to this charming city than the star-crossed-lovers. Verona is one of the most visited cities in Italy (which I didn’t realize), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has a Roman amphitheater that’s still in use today to house operas in the summer. The city is truly romantic with winding cobblestone streets lined with cafes and a gorgeous river that runs through it.

Verona has a replica of Juliet’s balcony and it's a little bit of a tourist trap, but still worth a stop if you’re a fan of the story. We stayed right by it and were able to get into the courtyard at night when the area was closed to most visitors.

Our time spent in Verona was filled with wandering around and popping in and out of cafes and shops. With not as many “tourist must-dos” as other big cities in Italy, we didn’t feel rushed and like we had to see specific things, so we enjoyed taking our time to soak in the city. A great place to sit and people watch is Piazza delle Erbe, a gorgeous square that was once the town’s forum. It’s often called one of the most beautiful and picturesque piazzas in all of Italy (which is certainly saying something!) and I would agree with that. My picture really doesn’t do it justice. I kept feeling like I was walking through the set of a Disney fairy tale.

After Verona we drove south to the countryside outside of Modena. It was an absolutely stunning drive through Emilia Romagna. The rolling hills on either side of our little Fiat were breathtaking, and the air smelled so good I was sticking my head out the window trying to take it all in. I’ve always wanted to stay at a vineyard and we found a perfect one for this trip in Agriturismo Opera02. Opera02 produces Lambrusco (a delicious sparkling red wine) and balsamic vinegar. The hotel is very modern for the setting, and our view was gorgeous. It was the perfect  rest in the country before our next stop, the university city of Bologna.

Where: Verona and the countryside of Modena
Do:  In Verona, have a drink at an outdoor cafe in Piazza delle Erbe, if you're lucky enough to visit in the summer get tickets to an opera in the ancient amphitheater, go shopping on the city's narrow winding streets. In the countryside of Modena, do a balsamic vinegar tasting, visit a vineyard (highly recommend Opera02) or if you're a Ferrari fan stop in the nearby museum
Stay: Hotel Accademia in Verona and Agriturismo Opera02 if you want to spend a night in the country

Five Summer Beauty Favorites

Growing up I never really had specific summer beauty ‘must haves.’ I just used whatever was in the house or what my friends told me they liked. However, in the past few years that’s certainly changed. I love picking up and trying new products (cute packaging always gets me!) but now I have summer skin and hair care staples that I love and always replace when the last drop runs out.  I keep multiple sizes of these products around (for travel) and believe in them so much I love sharing with friends and family, and now you! My can’t-live-without summer beauty products are below.

1. Bumble and Bumble Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Crème- It took me a while to figure out how to get my hair to be wavy by air-drying, and this product helps in a major way. Less is more with this and I learned that it helps to rub a small amount with water before you put it on your hair. When you use it correctly the results are amazing, and it gives perfectly undone tousled waves. I’ve tried my fair share of hair waving products and this takes the cake.

2. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek- This product goes perfectly with the B&B Texture crème to keep frizz away from your waves. It’s perfect for the humid summer days we have in NYC. The lightweight Moroccan argan oil instantly absorbs into hair to prevent frizz (when using on wet hair) and to make frizz go away (smoothing the oil over dry hair). It’s also a great price compared to other Moroccan hair oils on the market.

3. Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer- Mario Badescu is my favorite skin care line and this face moisturizer is my #1 beauty must-have. I’ve been using it for years and swear by it. The formula is super light and greaseless, which is great for the hot summer months. The moisturizer smells amazing and makes my skin feel incredibly soft.  

4. Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum- Continuing with my Mario Badescu love, this product is another favorite of mine. Vitamin C helps to reduce discoloration and brightens skin. I use the serum a couple times a week before the honey moisturizer and always notice my skin tone looks more even and dewy in the morning.  [Side note: Mario Badescu has a spa in Manhattan! They offer affordable facials, and bonus, if you get a treatment done they let you stock up on samples before you leave!]

5. Essie Nail Polish- With cute sandals and more skin showing in the summer, I love to have a bright pop of color on my fingers and toes. I always gravitate to Essie polishes and love the wide range of colors they offer. My two favorites for the summer are Muchi, Muchi (very light pink) and Bachelorette Bash (fuchsia). Clambake is always a favorite of mine, if you’re looking for a nice coral shade!

The makeup pouch pictured is from the Lilly for Target collaboration. If you're looking for something similar, I love this option on Lilly's website.

Maxi Stripes

I'm really excited to share this maxi dress that's been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe this summer. I purchased it a couple summers ago and always look forward to the warm weather so I can pull it out of storage. I've mentioned before that blue and white is a favorite color combination, so it's clear why I love this dress, but there are so many other great things about it. First, anything striped is ok in my book, and these blue and white stripes are super slimming and lengthening. The fabric is also incredibly soft and comfortable, and to top it off, the dress has an unexpected, fun back. Yes please! This dress is by Rachel Pally and exclusive to one of my favorite clothing sites, Shopbop, which always has such fast shipping and the best return policy. Great dress from a great place, can't beat it! I'm also wearing an adorable pair of earrings by Lisi Lerch that were a gift I received a few years ago. I wear a lot of solids and the earrings are always a fun, bright accessory to throw on. Lisi Lerch has so many gorgeous pieces of jewelry; I'm hoping to add a bright necklace or these beauties to my collection soon!

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Happy Hour Friday // Javelina

New York City has seen an influx of Tex-Mex restaurants recently. As a huge margarita and queso fan, I'm loving it! One of these new restaurants getting a lot of buzz is Javelina

The restaurant is located in Gramercy and it is a gorgeous, bright, airy space with pretty tile work throughout. My friend and I stopped by during a weekend day and had luck snagging a table, but I know the place gets crowded at peak times. The gorgeous bar area would be the perfect spot to grab after work drinks with friends!


My friend and I ordered margaritas (classic for me, jalapeno for her), shared some mag mud queso (ah.maz.ing) and had some tacos.

Where: Javelina,  119 E 18th Street
When: Go for margaritas after work with friends
Why: Amazing queso and fun drinks in a bright setting  

Wanderlust Wednesday // Northern Italy Part 1- Lake Como

I visited Northern Italy in the spring and had a truly amazing time. Although this trip was a couple months ago, Pearls and Parm wasn't up and running then, so I want to take some time now to share our itinerary, my thoughts and recommendations, and some amazing photos.{photo overload below!}

My boyfriend and I had both been to Italy before and we wanted to visit new-to-us places on this trip. We flew into Milan and spent time in Lake Como, Verona, the countryside of Modena and Bologna. We also managed to sneak in short trips to Bergamo and Parma, towns I hope to explore more in depth one day. Today I’ll recap our three days in Lake Como, next week Verona and a vineyard we stayed at in Modena, and finish with Bologna.

The beauty of Lake Como truly blew me away. I knew it would be a gorgeous part of the world, but it was more beautiful, unique and peaceful than I was expecting. I debated for a long time over what part of Lake Como to stay in and was very happy with our choice to stay in Bellagio. I'm no expert, but from my experience, Bellagio has more going on, more shops and 'night life' than the other mid-lake towns. Ferries run frequently, so no matter where you stay it's easy to jaunt around.

Hotel Florence via
As soon as we landed in Milan we headed right to Lake Como via the train. This was two train rides, airport to Milan, and Milan to Varenna, a town in Lake Como. From Varenna we hopped on the ferry to Bellagio. We stayed at the Hotel Florence, which I highly recommend for its unbeatable location right on the water, delicious breakfast, and colorful Italian decor. I’ll never forget watching the sun set over the lake from the hotel’s bar right on the water’s edge.

Dawn view from our hotel window
Pink house in Bellagio. When can I move in?
The beauty of Lake Como is truly astounding. We spent most of our time just wandering around, snapping photos and taking it all in. Our first day we walked around Bellagio and discovered a tiny fishing area called Pescallo.


One of my favorite excursions was to Tremezzo, a short ferry ride away from Bellagio. In Tremezzo, we toured the stunning Villa Carlotta and its magnificent gardens, which had a citrus covered canopy.

View of the Lake from Villa Carlotta

Tremezzo is also home to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a luxurious hotel with a floating pool in the lake. The GHT is beautifully decorated, with brightly colored furniture and a sprawling terrace to enjoy a glass of wine while watching the lake and pool below. I spent an afternoon at the GHT spa and by the pool, highly recommend!

Bar inside GHT

GHT Pool

On our last night in Lake Como we took the ferry to Varenna for dinner. Varenna is located on a steep hill, and is sleepier than Bellagio, but so incredibly gorgeous. I kept joking that you could close your eyes and not take a bad picture!


Where: Lake Como, mid-lake region
Stay: Hotel Florence, Bellagio
Do: Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, visit the fishing area of Pescallo in Bellagio, ferry to Varenna and climb the steep steps up the town to eat dinner at a café, shop around the adorable boutiques in Bellagio

Blue & White & Pop of Pink

Blue and white is hands down my favorite color combination. Be it in home decor, fashion, nature, even product packaging... a blue and white design makes me so happy. The combo is fresh, bright, clean, and reminds me of the summer and the beach. That being said, it's no surprise I instantly gravitated to this dress when I was perusing the adorable clothing website, Goodnight Macaroon. Blue, white and throw in a pop of pink... perfect summer outfit!

           Dress  // Sandals  // Shades // Bag (similar) // Ring

Weekend // Link Roundup

2. 25% off at Persifor until 7/28! In love with this pineapple print dress

7. I'm looking forward to an upcoming weekend in Cape Cod with my two best friends from high school. Let the planning begin!
8. What I'd love to pack for said Cape Cod trip: a denim shirtdress, this little navy & white numbera gorgeous white bikini and a fun clutch

Happy Hour Friday // Bars on Boats

One of the best things about living in New York City is the never-ending number of unique places to grab a drink. Two such bars are Grand Banks and North River Lobster Company, both located on the Hudson River. They make perfect spots to imbibe on a nice summer day.

Location: Pier 25 at Hudson River Park
Order: A bottle of rosé and a selection of oysters
Ambience: Smaller and more upscale than NRLC. Perfect for date night or catching up with a few girlfriends


Sidenote: I've been living in this dress by Italian brand, Hidden Forest Market. I picked it up on a recent trip to Northern Italy and it brings back great memories!

Grand Banks is a gorgeous bar set on a historic wooden schooner, the Sherman Zwicker.  The boat is simply gorgeous. It was hand-built, officially christened in 1942, and is the last remaining original saltbank fishing boat. It is much smaller than NRLC, and while it doesn’t set sail, you will definitely feel the boat rocking (so keep that in mind if a member of your group is prone to motion sickness!)


Location: Pier 81 at 41st street
Order: Colorful nautical themed cocktails and a lobster roll
Ambience: Fun, lively bar that’s great for groups or a happy hour

North River Lobster Company is no typical bar… it's actually a working boat in the Hudson River that sets sail at different times throughout the day. You can meet friends, grab a drink and cruise the river. It's the perfect spot for a summer happy hour or when you want an easy escape from the city. Just remember to bring a sweater, it can get chilly when the boat sets sail!


Wanderlust Wednesday // Day Trip to The Rockaways

I love living in New York City, but in the summer it can get way too hot, humid and sticky to handle. When the temperature rises far above 80 on summer weekends, my favorite thing to do is escape the city and head to one of the many close beaches.

With Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut nearby, there are numerous options for a weekend beach trip, but many people don't realize you can make it to the shore with just the swipe of a metro card.

A summer tradition of mine is catching the A train and spending a day in The Rockaways. With a new bikini, sunglasses and sunscreen in tow, my boyfriend & I headed out to spend Saturday in The Rockaways.

Bikini // Shades
Rockaway is located in Queens and in the past few years the area has soared in popularity as a summer destination. The beach is long and there are many different areas to catch rays in. The part I usually go to is Beach 98 (A train to Broad Channel and catch the shuttle train to Beach 98) because it has a fun boardwalk with many shops, bars and places to get a bite.

A must-do in Rockaway is getting a fish taco from Tacoway Beach at Beach 87th Street (formerly Rockaway Taco, but the owners split up this year, hence the new name story here).

Tacoway Beach is located in the back of Rockaway Beach Surf Club, a fun spot for drinks and relaxing in their backyard garden. There will most likely be a line for tacos, but I promise the wait is worth it.

The backyard garden at Rockaway Beach Surf Club & Tacoway Beach

Other fun things to do in The Rockaways:
Jacob Riis Park Beach Bazaar // New this year is the Riis Park Beach Bazaar, an area of food stands, bars and live music on the gorgeous Jacob Riss Beach. This beach is a little quieter than Beach 98. A plus is you can arrive by boat! Catch the Rockaway Beach Ferry from Pier 11 and take a fun 55 minute boat ride to Riis Park.

By The Beach Coconuts // Cool off with a freshly cracked coconut! This is my favorite beach snack and there are outposts of By The Beach all over Rockaway Beach.

Surf and SUP Lessons // Take a surf or stand up paddle board lesson with New York Surf School.

Rockaway Beach Surf Club // Grab a drink at the colorful Rockaway Beach Surf Club. The outdoor garden is a gorgeous and fun space to relax with friends after a day at the beach, and TACOS!

Have you been to The Rockaways? What are your favorite summer day trips?