Happy Hour Friday // Bars on Boats

One of the best things about living in New York City is the never-ending number of unique places to grab a drink. Two such bars are Grand Banks and North River Lobster Company, both located on the Hudson River. They make perfect spots to imbibe on a nice summer day.

Location: Pier 25 at Hudson River Park
Order: A bottle of rosé and a selection of oysters
Ambience: Smaller and more upscale than NRLC. Perfect for date night or catching up with a few girlfriends


Sidenote: I've been living in this dress by Italian brand, Hidden Forest Market. I picked it up on a recent trip to Northern Italy and it brings back great memories!

Grand Banks is a gorgeous bar set on a historic wooden schooner, the Sherman Zwicker.  The boat is simply gorgeous. It was hand-built, officially christened in 1942, and is the last remaining original saltbank fishing boat. It is much smaller than NRLC, and while it doesn’t set sail, you will definitely feel the boat rocking (so keep that in mind if a member of your group is prone to motion sickness!)


Location: Pier 81 at 41st street
Order: Colorful nautical themed cocktails and a lobster roll
Ambience: Fun, lively bar that’s great for groups or a happy hour

North River Lobster Company is no typical bar… it's actually a working boat in the Hudson River that sets sail at different times throughout the day. You can meet friends, grab a drink and cruise the river. It's the perfect spot for a summer happy hour or when you want an easy escape from the city. Just remember to bring a sweater, it can get chilly when the boat sets sail!



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