Apartment Décor // Chaise Sofa

I’ve lived in my current apartment in New York for a little over a year. When I moved in I brought most of the furniture that I already had and didn’t really buy any new pieces. Instead, I focused on adding art and smaller décor items to make it feel like home. (I’ll write a post soon on my favorite Etsy shops to buy art!)

A great thing about my current place is that it has a big living room. It’s not easy to find a lot of space in this city, and while I relish it, the room feels a little sparse. I'm itching to add some new furniture, and am thinking of starting with a couch. I currently have two loveseats, which were great in my old apartments, but are too small for their current home. I’ve had my eye on purchasing a chaise sofa and am looking around for the best option. A chaise sofa or sectional would be more comfortable to spread out and relax on, and would also be better for entertaining. Of course I'm turning to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I love this sectional but have also been eyeing this affordable chaise sofa, and this unique option too. When I pick one, I'm looking forward to adding in some new throw pillows. Love this article on how to mix and match throw pillows like a pro.


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