Rent The Runway - Black Tie Wedding

I had a black tie wedding to attend over the weekend and decided to use Rent The Runway. I love that a service like RTR exists for this kind of event. I’m getting invited to more and more weddings and it’s fun to wear something new to each one, but I don’t necessarily want to buy anything new. Especially for a black tie event where it doesn’t really make sense for me to purchase a gown.

Another thing I love about RTR is the amazing customer service. I actually ordered another dress for this wedding and when I received it and tried it on (at midnight the night before the wedding…) I really didn’t like it. I had ordered a long gown, which I normally don’t love on myself anyway, and it didn’t look great. I ran to the RTR store (there are a few outposts) when it opened the next morning and an amazing sales associate helped me with a seamless return and picked out a couple new options for me.

I had always thought you should wear a long gown to a black tie event, but the sales associate showed me this option. I absolutely loved it. I wouldn’t wear just any shorter dress to a black tie event, but this dress, with its formal sequined illusion bodice, high-low skirt, and elegant fabric, was a perfect alternative to a gown. The cut is incredibly flattering, it has a fun low back, and even has pockets!


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