Tacos & Ices in Corona, Queens

Over the weekend I ventured to The Rockaways for a stand up paddleboard lesson (see another post on what to do in The Rockaways here). It was my first time SUPing and I'm proud to say I didn't fall in once! I even got to do some yoga on the board which was a lot of fun. Dying to try a full SUP yoga class. I took the lesson through A Team Paddleboarding and highly recommend them! The instructors are very relaxed and easygoing.
After the lesson, we headed to Corona, Queens to check out Tortilleria Nixtamal, a Mexican restaurant made famous by its masa (used to make tortillas). Tortilleria Nixtamal makes the tortillas served at many well known NYC Mexican spots, including Dos Toros and Empellon. The restaurant definitely lived up to the hype (it was featured on The Food Network). The tacos were deliciously made with fresh, simple ingredients, and of course the tortillas were amazing. It is a hike to get there but worth it if you're a fan of authentic Mexican cuisine. 
A quick pit stop at The Lemon Ice King of Corona ended our day. There's nothing better than fresh lemon ice on a hot day, and The Lemon Ice King makes the best I've ever had. The ices are all incredibly fresh and you'll find pieces of real fruit in them (and some seeds in the lemon flavor!). The lemon ice is the perfect combination of sweet and tart and it has an unique creamy consistency. It makes for the perfect summer treat... and the shop is open all year so you can satisfy your ice craving off-season too. Across from the shop is an adorable little park with a bocce ball court where you can sit and watch the locals play as you finish your ice. 


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