DIY // Gold & Marble Coffee Table

I've been shopping around for a new coffee table and I've noticed that I keep gravitating to gold and marble. I absolutely love this gold and marble beauty, but the price was a little steep. If you're on Pinterest (follow me here!) you've probably seen the numerous Ikea hacks out there. One hack that I stumbled upon was upgrading various Ikea items to have a gold and marble look. I've never really done a big DIY project before, especially one that would basically be the centerpiece of my living room, but I decided to give it a try. It ended up being super easy and I'm so happy with the results! I want to share the steps with you and some tips I learned along the way. 

You'll need:
Ikea Vittsjo Nesting Table (You could also do this to another Ikea item. This or this would be great!)
Gold Spray Paint (This is the exact type I used)
8 Square Drawer Pulls (I found mine on ebay)
Super glue

First, put together the table per the Ikea instructions. It was pretty easy as far as Ikea furniture goes! Leave the glass top and the bottom shelf piece to the side.

Next, super glue the square drawer pulls onto the four top corners of the large table. (You could do top and bottom if you want.)

Third, spray paint the table and handles gold with two coats. This is kind of silly, but spray painting was harder than I thought! There's a specific rhythm you have to get into and you have to be the right distance away to get an even coat without any streaking. Let the table dry per the paint instructions.

The last step is to carefully wrap the bottom shelf with the marble contact paper. The paper has adhesive on one side. It's very delicate, so you'll want to go slowly and pat out any air bubbles that come up (use your fingers or a credit card, anything sharp could rip the paper.) 

Voilà! You have a gorgeous gold and marble table that looks much more expensive than it was!

Do you have any awesome Ikea hacks or DIYs? I'd love to hear! I want to try more after this success!


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