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I wrote an overview of St. John and the Virgin Islands here and now want to break down the best beaches on the island. There are so many of different options, all offering something uniquely special.

Most of the beaches in St. John are short, so it's a good idea to bring a chair to sit on rather than a towel to lay out on. Also, be mindful of the tide! We saw lots of beach goers have their towels, shoes, and other items swept away when the tide unexpectedly crept up.  It's also highly recommended to get to the beaches earlier rather than later to secure a good spot since there's limited room on the short sandy stretch. 

Cinnamon Bay Beach - Cinnamon is St. John's largest beach. The water is pretty rough here. We had a lot of fun playing in the waves, but may not be ideal for some. There is a snack stand, bathrooms, showers, and a little convenience store at this beach. 

Oppenheimer Beach - Definitely my favorite. It's not well known to tourists, so you're likely to have the beach to yourself. It's a little harder to find and doesn't have a proper sign, but taxi drivers will know where to take you (if you're driving look for the iron gate with the name Oppenheimer written in it). The property is the former home of Robert Oppenheimer, "father" of the atomic bomb. You should know that Oppenheimer has an especially short beach. It's not really a "laying out on the sand" kinda place, but there is some sand to put a chair in. I would definitely recommend getting there early to score a spot (and if you're driving, there is only room for about four Jeeps to park). Oh, and did I mention there's a tire swing?! 

Francis Bay Beach - This is one of the farthest beaches from Cruz Bay as you drive east on St. John. We combined our beach day here with a visit to Coral Bay, which is a highly recommended stop (The NY Times thinks so too!). The water is so incredibly clear here you can see all kinds of marine life right under you! I mean look at that water! Can I please be back there?!

Another well known beach is Honeymoon Beach, a popular spot on Caneel Bay. There's a snack stand and lots of water sport equipment to rent. And lastly there is Trunk Bay Beach. Trunk is the most popular beach on the island, and often called the world's most beautiful beach. It has a small entry fee and expect large crowds (especially on St. Thomas cruise ship days). The beach has an underwater snorkeling trail and you can rent snorkel gear there. 

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