NYC Day Trips // Upstate New York

Last weekend we took a drive upstate to the Catskills to go skiing at Hunter Mountain. Along the way we stopped at some great little spots that I want to share with you all!


The Phoenicia Diner was on our way to Hunter Mountain and it made for the perfect breakfast spot. It looks just like any regular old diner along the side of a highway, but when you step inside you can tell it's something special. First off, looking at the other restaurant patrons makes you feel like Brooklyn transported to Phoenicia, NY. Almost everyone inside was from the city. Second, the menu goes way beyond your typical diner menu. The menu focuses on a modern take on traditional comfort foods, and most of the ingredients are sourced from local farms. Phoenicia Diner really is something else, and if you're ever in the area I highly recommend a pit stop here. Perfect fuel for a day of hiking in the Catskills.

Brunette is an adorable little wine bar in Kingston, NY. I read about it online and immediately knew I would love it. Lots of marble, pink, and gorgeous vintage paintings and photos... swoon! When I found out it was an easy detour on our way back to the city I just had to work it into our plans. It definitely did not disappoint! The menu isn't huge, but the wine list is well curated and the snacks offered are delicious. The owners were working behind the bar and were so kind and such wonderful hosts. Delicious wine, gorgeous spot, and lovely owners... A+ spot!


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