Beauty // Finding Your Signature Scent

I don't have a "signature scent" and have never really been a perfume person until recently. I've always loved the idea of a signature scent, a perfume that works for all occasions and instantly reminds people of you because you always wear it. For the last year I've been on a quest to find a perfume that resonates with me and that I want to invest in. 

In the past I've gone through phases loving various perfumes but nothing has ever lasted. My childhood bedroom looks like a perfume graveyard with half empty bottles strewn across my dresser. And then there was a time in college when I was so obsessed with one scent friends used to joke they could tell when I left the dorm because a cloud of perfume was in the hall... not great. 

I've noticed that my taste in perfume has changed over the years. I used to love sugary sweet smells, but now I prefer something classic, clean, and not over powering. After a lot of searching, I recently started using the Replica line by Maison Martin Margiela (this one is my favorite). I love how the line has a background story (even a specific date!) associated with each scent. I'm really enjoying mixing and matching a few of the Replica scents... let's see if it sticks! 

I want to share some tips and tricks I've learned throughout my search to find a signature scent.

Test the perfume... then wait The "top note" of a fragrance is what you smell first and it usually lasts around 20 minutes. Give the scent time to evolve before you make a decision whether it's a keeper or not.

Try to understand the notes Musk, floral, woody... there are so many words to describe scents, understanding what the terms actually mean is important. This fragrance guide is a great resource.

Price does matter Ever wonder what makes some perfume $20 and others hundreds of dollars? Less expensive perfume usually doesn't last as long and isn't as complex. In general, a cheaper bottle has a strong top note and wears off quickly, whereas a pricy bottle has more complexity and and continues to smell for hours.


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