Welcome to The Gramercy Girl! 

I've decided to re-brand my blog (formerly Pearls and Parm) to The Gramercy Girl. Gramercy is the name of a neighborhood in Manhattan, and it's where I call home. I've always loved this area, even before I lived here. It's a historic neighborhood that oozes charm, sophistication and natural elegance. It's tree lined streets are home to many gorgeous ivy-covered brownstones from the 1800's, and the area is centered around the lush and legendary Gramercy Park (Manhattan's only private park). 

Gramercy sits on the edge of some of Manhattan's best shopping and dining areas, Union Square, The East Village, and Flatiron. While Gramercy is close to the action, it's removed from the commotion and has a serene "small town" feel to it.

The Gramercy area exudes a special idyllic energy that reinvigorates me every time I walk down the sidewalk. Gramercy's neighborhood characteristics... laid back elegance, charm, sophistication, and a classic NYC vibe... are all traits I hope to channel and exude in my life.

I'm so excited for this new phase of my blogging journey. I'm still going to focus on fashion, travel and NYC happenings, but now as The Gramercy Girl. When I started blogging (almost a year ago!) I wanted to just get started and see if it was something I enjoyed... now I can't imagine not having this creative outlet in my life. I'm looking forward to what's ahead for The Gramercy Girl. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter!

Read more about the Gramercy neighborhood's rich history, storied legends, and famous residents here and here.

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