Travel // Review: Boulders Beach Penguins, South Africa

I just got back from an absolutely amazing trip to Africa. I can't wait to share my thoughts, tips and advice with you all! I know a trip to Africa is on a lot of bucket lists so I want to cover everything and give sample itineraries, hotel recommendations and activity suggestions to make planning an African adventure easier.

We covered A LOT of ground on this trip... four countries to be exact! I'll share our full itinerary and travel flow, but I'm going to start with things a little out of order. This particular day was actually towards the end of our trip, when we were in Cape Town. It is definitely one of the best memories and a major highlight of our time in Africa.

Boulders Beach is located about an hour outside of Cape Town down the mountainous peninsula. What makes this beach special is that it's home to thousands of penguins! African penguins are endangered and their home on Boulders Beach is national parkland. The little birds wander around the protected park and visitors can watch them waddle from a boardwalk. They're adorable!

The boardwalk above the beach meanders through the national park and takes visitors along the beach to view the penguins. But something not all visitors know is that you can actually go down on the beach and get close to the little guys. The beach access area is off the far right side of the boardwalk. You can sunbathe, swim and make a little tuxedoed friend!

Boulders Beach is a gorgeous place and it's really special to see the African Penguins up close. If you're in Cape Town it's a must do! It's easy to get there by renting a car or taking an Uber (they're super cheap!). Details on my pink off-the-shoulder tasseled sundress can be found here and more photos below!

What: Boulders Beach Penguin Colony 
How To Get There: Rent a car and drive the winding mountain roads down the Cape Peninsula to Simon's Town, where Boulders Beach is located. The drive is about 45 minutes, but it's pretty intense. The roads wind around the mountain and are very narrow- not a drive for the faint of heart! Another options is having an Uber take you. A cost estimate showed the price to be the equivalent to $20 USD one way.
What To Do: Visit the penguins and have a beach day. Simon's Town is also full of cute shops and restaurants for when you're done with the penguins. We ate lunch at Saveur and I highly recommend it!



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