Goals // Looking Ahead to 2017

I'm not really the best with New Year's resolutions, but I am definitely looking ahead to 2017. I try to always have goals to achieve each year, but to be honest, don't always do that great of a job.
Sure, I accomplished some pretty major goals I've had in my life like getting my Master's at Columbia's Journalism School, securing a job in television news and finally start a blog... but I sometimes find myself getting lazy and putting off smaller things I want to do like finishing a Whole 30 or starting a new hobby (been wanting to take figure skating lessons for years!).

I wrote a "16 goals for 2016" list last year and only crossed off 5 things. Yikes. I'm going to try again this year, but with a more manageable 10 goals. It's definitely discouraging seeing how many things I wanted to do but didn't last year, and I'm going to work really hard to make 2017 a year about action. Let's say that 2016 was for thinking and planning about what I want, and 2017 will be about making it happen. We only have one life and nothing makes me feel better and happier than setting my mind to something and achieving it. Here are 10 things I hope to will accomplish this year. Wishing you a happy, healthy and productive 2017!

1. Establish a more robust travel portion of The Gramercy Girl. Traveling is my passion and while not always easy to do with a 9-5, I'm going to work at growing the travel portion of my blog. There's no better rush than discovering a new place, and sharing the experience and travel recommendations with others makes it ten times better.

2. Freelance write and contribute to various digital outlets. I love writing and want to make it a bigger part of my life in 2017. I've always wanted to contribute to online publications and will seek out opportunities to make this a reality.

3. Travel to a new country. So many places on my bucket list, so little time. The goal of seeing at least one new country a year seems attainable.

4. Grow my @TheGramercyGirl Instagram to over 10,000 followers. Instagram is my favorite social media platform to share photos and gain inspiration. I want to continue growing my account and connecting with others.

5. Move and make a new space really feel like home. With sky-high rents, roommates and teeny tiny apartments being the norm, it can be hard to have a space that truly feels like home in NYC. I'm making this a priority in 2017.

6. Take sailing lessons again. I've taken sailing lessons in the past and absolutely love it. I want to start again and really focus on becoming a competent sailor.

7. Connect more with fellow bloggers. My favorite thing about The Gramercy Girl is "meeting" fellow bloggers and connecting with readers. Now that I've been at it a couple years I want to grow those relationships.

8. Establish a healthy eating/work out routine. I don't think anything drastic like going GF, giving up sugar or a 7-day gym schedule will work for me, it would only set me up for failure. I'll be happy with starting a consistent healthy eating and exercise routine that is realistic and manageable long-term.

9. Take a long weekend trip with my two closest friends from high school. Nothing's better than old friends who know you well. My two best friends from high school and I are all in different areas and I would love to do a little reunion trip this year.

10. Take action towards starting a new hobby I've been interested in - surfing, scuba diving, etc I mentioned briefly above that I can get lazy with starting new hobbies. Growing up I did so much, dance, acting, singing, crew, painting...I have a list of new things I want to learn and lessons I want to take. There's no time like the present to start!


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