There's something special about the cobblestone streets of Philadelphia. I spent last weekend in the city and had a few hours free to blissfully wander around the Old City and Society Hilly neighborhoods. I absolutely love architecture, especially charming, colonial homes, so this was an ideal way to spend my afternoon. 

While walking along the stone streets I couldn't help but notice how much pride the owners take in their row homes. Almost every window was adorned with a blooming flower box, doors were painted unexpected colors and charming knockers replaced standard ones. I found myself daydreaming about what it would be like to live in one of the old, cozy homes that are rich with so much history.  I always feel the same way walking around the South of Broad area of Charleston- another neighborhood chock full of historic residences. If I'm ever so lucky to call one of these houses my own, I would definitely paint my door a fun color and use gas lights- they're just so charming! Nothing is better daydream fuel for me than gorgeous real estate! Below is a sampling of my favorite doors and exteriors from last weekend wandering around Philly. Whether you're giving your home a spring makeover or just imaging your someday house, I hope this gives you some inspiration!


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