During my recent trip to Mexico City I had some extra time and wanted to check out a nearby area. In a last minute decision I headed to San Miguel de Allende and I'm SO glad I did! It's a bit of a hike... a 3.5 hour drive  from Mexico City, but oh so worth it. Here's my darling guide to San Miguel de Allende, a picturesque town in the Mexican hills. And if you're looking for some trendy must-dos in Mexico City, click here!

San Miguel doesn't have many of the things visitors typically flock to Mexico for... no white sand beaches, no clear blue ocean... it isn't even that easily accessible. But I completely fell in love and highly recommend you add this town to your travel bucket list ASAP.

San Miguel was once a sleepy town in the central-Mexican hills, popular with expats and artists. While it still caters to an international crowd, and is still artsy (it's a favorite among photographers), the town is no longer that quiet. Belmond and Rosewood have both opened luxe hotels, famed Mexican chef Enrique Olvera opened a restaurant, and chic clothing boutiques line the streets.

San Miguel is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a favorite destination for weekenders and expats who still move to San Miguel in retirement. The town's quaint, winding cobblestone streets and colorful colonial architecture give it a magical ambiance and made me feel like I was walking in a fairy-tale land.

Wander- My favorite thing to do in San Miguel is just wander along the cobblestone streets and explore. The town isn't big and is easily walkable. Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel, a pink church and the tallest building in the city, is situated in a central square and can be used as a guide to find your way back to the city center- making it almost impossible to get lost. While walking along the streets I came across gorgeous boutiques selling pillows, blankets and clothing from local communities, a serene tea garden and endless cafes. 

Gallery hop- Fun historical fact- after World War II, many soldiers moved to San Miguel and enrolled in art schools, taking advantage of the GI bill. San Miguel still has a vibrant art scene and is home to many galleries and studios- making it easy to hop around to different exhibits. The Fabrica La Aurora, an art and design center in a former textile factory, is a great place to check out.

Shop- San Miguel's streets are filled with eclectic shops, chic boutiques and souvenir stores selling a variety of local crafts.

San Miguel has become a culinary destination. Enrique Olvera's Moxie is a hot spot, Don Felix Tacos is a kitschy but great taco joint and Luna, the rooftop bar at the Rosewood hotel, is a not-miss for cocktails, small bites and the best views of town.

Have you ever stumbled upon a great town? Tell me, what's the most charming place you've been? I'm hoping to grow my travel bucket list!


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  2. This looks like such a lovely place and your photos are so beautiful! I'm definitely adding it to my travel bucket list!
    On another note, I love your maxi dress!
    Julia x