A major highlight of my time in Bermuda was taking a private sail boat ride with Sail Bermuda- a charter sailing and snorkeling company. I absolutely love sailing (used to take lessons!) and any chance to be back on a boat makes me happy. I find sailing so relaxing, but even more than that, I really enjoy seeing a location from this unique vantage point- out on the water. It was great to see the island of Bermuda from afar as we went down the coast and watched the colorful homes became smaller and smaller, dotting the rolling hills.

Something really interesting about Bermuda is that it’s the shipwreck capital of the Atlantic with more wrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world. The island even got its nickname “Isle of Devils” due to the deceptive coral reefs that surround it and caused many ships to sink (side note- technology has gotten much better since those days and you should have no hesitation about sailing the Bermudian coast!). While I didn't see any of the wrecks up close, Sail Bermuda can take you out to see some on a customized trip.

A big reason I love Sail Bermuda is that they focus on customizing private adventures for their clients. There’s no “cookie cutter” or “cattle cruises” here! Sail Bermuda listens to their client’s unique needs and expectations to build the perfect experience- whether that be an intimate sunset cruise complete with their famous Rum Swizzle cocktails, a snorkeling adventure to a boat wreck coupled with a history lesson from the knowledgeable crew, or just a relaxing afternoon sunbathing on the boat’s expansive deck while listening to music. Along with the ability to choose your own adventure, I absolutely LOVED the sailboat staff! Our crew were so helpful, kind and informative throughout the cruise. The excellent customer service (plus their delicious cocktail making skills!) definitely made a difference and set Sail Bermuda apart from other boating experiences I've had.
Sail Bermuda has two yachts in their fleet- Wyuna is a 47 foot catamaran with gorgeous amenities that can fit 35 passengers and Shekynah is a 51 foot sailboat that can fit 25.

For more information on Sail Bermuda or to book a cruise click here. Special thanks to Sail Bermuda for an amazing experience! As always thoughts and opinions are my own.


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