Hire my media-trained brain to get more eyeballs on your business!

I'm passionate about writing, social media and crafting compelling brand stories that resonate with the press and consumers alike. I have years of experience working in journalism, public relations, brand marketing, social media and event planning for Fortune 500 media and tech companies.

 I spent over eight years as a journalist working for outlets like WFUV Radio, ABC World  News with Diane Sawyer and NBC Nightly News with Brian WilliamsMost recently I spent four years as a journalist and producer at NBC News, Peacock Productions while also growing NBC social media platforms and working on NBC PR campaigns. 

I've also worked with beauty brands such as Shellac Nail Polish and Cricket Hair Products in a PR and branding capacity, and managing their New York Fashion Week events. I hold a Master's Degree in Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. Want to know even more? Check out my full resume here.

In addition to my professional experience, I've created a brand- My Darling Passport - from scratch. 

Finding someone to help your brand who has the perfect mix of know-how, professionalism and creativity isn't easy... but I'm your girl! I can help you company with: 

 Ready to have your brand's voice and visuals handled by a wordsmith who's worked for some of the world's largest media organizations? For all inquiries and customized offerings, email me at Caitlin@MyDarlingPassport.com


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